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Did you know the average American eats less than 10 grams of fiber daily and the recommended intake is 25-35 grams?  What's the solution?  Click here to see!


Dr. Nancy offers nutrition, wellness and weight loss coaching.  Please contact us to set up a FREE Phone Consult and to learn about individual and group education options.  You pick your wellness goal and Dr. Nancy will help you achieve it!!

Dr. Nancy offers customized weight loss solutions for individuals based on their goals, committment level, time frame and budget.  This helps to assure success!  Learn how to read and analyze labels, make healthy low glycemic food selections and make a permanent lifestyle change so you GET HEALTHY and STAY HEALTHY.  Dr. Nancy is a former USDA National Program Leader for Nutrition, a certified TLS trainer and coach and a member of the clinical faculty.  She has helped to certify more than 4,000 coaches and has assisted many people in achieving their health and weight loss goals.  Because she has lost a significant amount of weight herself, she knows what it takes to be successful.  Her motto is "small steps in the right direction will yield BIG results over time". 

Please contact us to take a FREE Dieter Profile to learn what customized weight loss program will be suggested for you!




nutraMetrix features scientifically based, clinically proven ingredients in their health professional support products.  Isotonic-capable supplements provide rapid and complete abosprition (good bioavailability) and everyone enjoys them because they are flavorful, effervescent beverages.  Inquire about specially discounted kits including the Daily Essentials Kit (save 29%) which is a perfect "insurance policy" for busy people.  If you don't eat perfectly you're not alone, more than 60% of Americans do not get enough essential vitamins and minerals from their diet.  Essential means your body can't make it so you must take it.  Call for a FREE phone consult to discuss your health priorities and to get suggestions for you to consider to support YOUR wellness goals!

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Click the Nutri-Physical logo to the left to have access to a FREE online health survey.  Takes about 10 minutes and you get results instantly.  I am happy to follow up and discuss any suggestions.  Any ? please contact us.

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