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Did you know the average American eats less than 10 grams of fiber daily and the recommended intake is 25-35 grams?  What's the solution?  Click here to see!


Wellness 101 - Dr. Nancy's Wellness 101 lectures are designed to provide the basics regarding health and nutrition in an easy-to-understand format.

Lecture Topics - Dr. Nancy's focus is on community-based nutrition education.  Check out some of her most popular lecture topics HERE

Trainings - Dr. Nancy regularly does product trainings, low glycemic educational programs and TLS trainings.  For more information please CONTACT US.

Recipes - Selected favorite healthy recipes can be found HERE.

Nutrition LInks - Helpful articles and selected scientific publications related to health and wellness can be found HERE.

Fitness Links - If you're looking for guidance related to exercise and fitness you can find some links HERE.

Videos - Educational videos that related to wellness can be found HERE.

Corporate Wellness - Employers are you interested in a wellness program?  Increase productivity, CONTACT US for details.

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