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Wellness 101

Wellness 101 events are fun and educational.  Dr. Nancy and her team are eager to share information and answer questions so participants can have the necessary information to improve your health. Wellness 101 events can be done in a seminar format or as a Wine & Wellness event complete with healthy snacks so that participants can see how tasty healthy eating can be.  I'll bet you never thought pizza or brownies could be GOOD for you!  Join us for an event and learn how you can eat healthy and be happy about it!!

We cover a wide range of topics including:

  • A simple solution for Reflux – you can feel better and start to repair acid damage quickly and easily
  • Why nutrition is the foundation for health and what the American diet provides (and doesn’t provide)
  • Why do we overeat?  Good news – there is a simple solution!
  • What foods are inflammatory and which ones reduce inflammation?
  • How to set yourself up to avoid challenges that limit your activities and make you tired
  • Do most people need a multivitamin?  Are all brands the same?
  • The importance of sleep for healthy hormone balance
  • How nutritional support can improve your immune function
  • Why FDA allows health claims for Omega-3 fatty acid supplements
  • The importance of sleep for healthy hormone balance
  • How nutrtitional support can improve your immue function
  • The advantage of "drinking your vitamins" when they are isotonic
  • The differnce between the various calcium supplements available today
  • Why low glycemic impact eating helps reduce cardiovasclar risk, is perfect for diabetics and weight loss/weight maintenance
  • How do Eva Longoria, Scotty Pippin and Carmelo Anthony ensure they are healthy, feel great and perform their best?



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