Hot Topics

Did you know the average American eats less than 10 grams of fiber daily and the recommended intake is 25-35 grams?  What's the solution?  Click here to see!

Dr. Nancy loves to share information and enjoys doing educational lectures.  Some of the most popular topics include:

- Hot Topics in Nutrition

- 5 Nutrition Products Everyone Should Consider (see videos)

- Nutrition in the News

- Healthy Eating (at Home or at a Restaurant)

- Health Benefits of Low Glycemic Impact Eating

- Lifestyle Focus to Optimize Health

- Are Nutritional Supplements Necessary or Beneficial?

- Organic Foods - Healthy or Hype?

- Gluten Free Eating

- Nutritional Support for Autoimmune Challenges

- Health of Americans (NHANES data simplified)

- Nutrition Policy in the US

- Wellness 101

- Wine and Wellness












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